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Australia is experiencing the worst bushfire season on record. More than 17 million hectares of beautiful bushland has be scarred, over a billion creatures killed, with tragic loss of life and property.

Yet while people, companies and states are starting to act, Scott Morrison continues to shift the blame. Australia deserves to know how the Federal Government will match the devastating impacts of climate change to prevent future fires from getting worse. 

It's no longer acceptable to do the bare minimum.

We must seize this moment and call on Scott Morrison to be a better leader. This means a leader who is prepared to put people before politics and transform Australian society to give our children the future they deserve.

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Ambitious global leadership

Rapid reduction in carbon emissions

Drop fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy

Australia is uniquely positioned to be a global superpower of clean energy exporting due to an abundance of sun and wind and proximity to Asia where demand for green energy is on the rise.

Australians who have just suffered through a coal-fuelled bushfire disaster want immediate action from the Morrison Government to cut emissions drastically over the next 5 to 10 years.

We must stop all new oil, gas and coal projects and invest in clean renewable energy for all. The good news is the solutions already exist if we're prepared to fight for them.

Share your message with the Prime Minister #DearScotty

Share your message with the Prime Minister #DearScotty

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